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Are you a professional portrait photographer seeking to advance both professionally and personally?


I'm prepared to share my expertise and assist you in building a strong portfolio, discovering your unique style, and effectively marketing your work to attract your dream clients.

My mentoring sessions are entirely personalised, crafted to address your specific needs.


I am genuinely excited to witness your personal and professional growth.

I can help you with:

  • Mastering photography's technical aspects

  • Streamlining your workflow for efficiency

  • Crafting a strategic pricing model

  • Implementing effective marketing strategies

  • Elevating your client experience

  • Cultivating a success-oriented mindset

  • Developing a tailored action plan for your journey forward

Camila Lee holding a camera


I am Camila Lee

Award Winning Professional Family Photographer, serving Dublin and surrounding counties in Ireland and helping photographers all over the world.

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"Camila is so calm and helpful.

I have had a wonderful experience with her.
From day one I felt all my questions were valid (no matter how silly I may have felt asking). 

Camila has endless knowledge about both business and photography skills.
I would be very happy to recommend her to any photographer looking for both advice and mentorship."

Lucy Mather

Camila Lee Portrait 2023




Online sessions via zoom, each spanning approximately 90 minutes.

One session - €200

Three sessions - €500

Six sessions - €900

How is your photo editing going?


Do you find yourself spending hours editing a photo session, only to end up dissatisfied with the final results?


I created CL AI Powered Presets to simplify my editing workflow and they are making my life so much easier.
They are my exact editing step by step and I use them for editing each and every one of my photos.


I am sure they will help you achieve stunning results and save you a lot of time!

AI Powered Photography Presets for Adobe Lightroom
Little girl wearing a winter hat in a garden looking at the camera
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