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Photo by Maria Rusk



As a mother to a wonderful little girl, I understand the moments we all want to capture and remember.

Children grow and change so quickly, and photographs serve as timeless tokens, allowing us to relive every stage of their childhood. 

When my daughter was a baby, I would set up my tripod and get in the frame with her, and I managed to capture some truly special memories. However, as she started walking, I began to realise how challenging it was for me to be in the photos. While I cherish the images I took of her during her first four years, I wish I was in more of those frames.

I want to be in more photos with her; I want her to see that I was there, what I looked like, and what her life looked like during these early years that she won’t remember as an adult. 

Let's ensure your children have photos with you in them too, so they can look back on these moments with joy.


Collage of  three photos, mother holding daughter, father and dauther and girl eating sitting on the floor

I don't have many childhood photos with my parents in them, but the few I do have hold a special place in my heart.


I want your children to have images they'll adore and cherish, featuring you right alongside them.

My journey in photography began back in 2007 when I fell in love with fashion photography during my time at Fashion Design College.


Since then, I've been exploring various photography genres.

Fast forward to 2017, the year I got married.


The day I received my own wedding photos, I was in tears. That cathartic moment inspired me to start my family photography business, with a focus on capturing the love and connection within families and couples.


It was a pleasure working with her. She was so patient with our large family and the quality of her work is amazing. I 100% recommend Camila and have no doubt our family will look forward to working with her again on another occasion."

Christine Quinlan

A little bit more about me...


I love Disney movies!

And I know most songs in both English and Portuguese.


Chai Latte is my favourite drink (Insomnia does the best one in Ireland!).


I've been dreaming of a Mediterranean cruise on the Disney Dream.


I first met my husband under The Merchants Arch in front of the Ha'Penny Bridge.


Lindt Lindor (gold box) is my favourite chocolate! 

Parents hold little girls hands and and lifting her up - Camila Lee Family by Maria Rusk
The most important people in my life!
Photo by Maria Rusk

Camila brings a wealth of expertise to her photography, rooted in her background with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design. Her journey in the world of photography began during her college years, and she has since accumulated over 15 years of hands-on experience.

Her dedication and talent have been recognised with numerous awards, both in Ireland and abroad.

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