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Normalise Breastfeeding In Public

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

I’ve officially started my series of breastfeeding in public photos. I've been meaning to start this for a while, but the summer was busy and I didn't have time to focus on it.

Then a few weeks ago, one of the mums I had photographed for

And we decided to do it at the St Anne's Park!

I was so happy, when she told me she was still breastfeeding!

I photographer her breastfeeding him before we gave him the cake and got some lovely shots!

I also photographed other mums, and here are some of my favourite shots. The more people see mothers Breastfeeding In Public, the more quickly it will become normalised.

If you know somebody who would like to see this post, please take a moment to send them this link.

If you want to read see more of my breastfeeding photos check out Breastfeeding An Act Of Love

Have a lovely day,



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