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It's really nice to have you here!

I am a newborn and family photographer in Ireland serving Dublin, Meath, Louth, Kildare and Wicklow.

My photo sessions can be in your home or at any special place you love!

I am originally from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, and I've also lived in São Paulo and have moved to Ireland in 2014.

This is me when I was very, very little eating my favourite food, rice, beans and eggs 😋

My story with photography started 12 years ago when I was in Fashion College, in Belas Artes - São Paulo, I fell in love with Fashion Photography and decided to go the Photography path.

This was my very first Fashion Photography class, we were just playing around with the lights in the studio :D It was fun!

My first photography assistant job was at Vladi Fernandes' Fashion Photography Studio Casa de Moda, back in Brazil.

After that, I worked with the photographer Rachel Guedes, founder of Projeto Família, and that was when I started photographing professionally! I used to photograph kids' birthday parties and Christenings for her.

Then I became a photographer on cruise ships, my first contract was on the Disney Cruise Line - Disney Magic (and I really loved my time there)!

We used to sell this photo on the Disney Magic! We would put Tinkerbell on the kids' hands and they loved it!

And Goofy was my friend!

And I made many more friends 💚

My second contract was onboard the Royal Caribbean - Splendour of the Seas.

Me and my friends photographers ready for formal night!

Working on cruise ships was an amazing experience (and tough too) I learnt a lot but the best part was that I got to see some amazing places!

This is me on an day off in Dubrovnik, Croacia.

And here I'm working in Pompei, Italy.

Then I went back to Brazil to start my own photography business:

Camila Ventura Fotografia

(Oh, yes.. Camila Lee is my married name :)

And I photographed lots of portraits, shows, events and a bit of fashion.

This was my first website (and I just found out that it is still online 😲

It only works on desktop though) Click on the photo to see!

My work changed so much over the years!

And here is a little bit of my fashion work!

Those 2 BIG photos there are mine!! It was the first time I had my photos printed really big! It was really cool!

I also taught photography at Senac in São Paulo, Brazil.

One of my classes ☺️

Finally in Ireland, I have decided to start my new photography business and focus on Family Photography!

I've also started my photography project Breastfeeding An Act Of Love to help #NormaliseBreastfeeding 💚

This is me photographing one breastfeeding mama in public for my project!

My photos are very natural with minimum posing and I love capturing candid moments and interactions of families' everyday moments 😍

My first Award Winning Photo:

Now.. Are you in love? Planning a romantic proposal? Your big day? Expecting a baby? Just had a baby? Celebrating an important day or just a little moment?

I would love to tell your love story!

Would you like to learn more about my sessions?

I wrote this blog post talking a little bit about how I work:


Have a lovely day!


P.s. I've also had some of my photos published on:

eumum (that is everymum now):


The Bump:


Woman's Health Today:


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