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Family Photography - Marlay Park, Dublin

Updated: May 12, 2023

October is probably the best month for outdoor photo sessions.

It's when it starts to get a little bit cold, nice chilly, not freezing, the nights are starting to get longer and the days shorter.

It's lovely to be able to be out wearing a cozy jumper or a light jacket and breath in some crisp fresh air.

This beautiful family was looking for a nice outdoor location to have their autumn photo session.

I always let my clients pick a place that they love to go together as a family. It will be a special present for their children in the future to have their family memories in that place.

Living in Ireland, every time I book an outdoor photo session, I hope for good weather and we were very lucky that morning. We went to Marlay Park and the weather was absolutely fabulous.

The boys wanted to have their best friend, Gavin the giraffe, taking part in the session, that was cute!

They instantly became friends with me and were all smiles for my camera, which allowed me to captures some really happy moments and interactions.

We went for a walk, played hide and seek, sang nursery rhymes, then it was time for some snacks.

The boys sat down on the ground to eat their snacks and I asked mum and dad to join them to get a nice family photo, and that is favourite photo of their session.

It was such a lovely October morning!

When I got home I checked my email to find this:

"Thank you so much Camila, we had a brilliant time and the boys were very happy. The hokey pokey in Portuguese was definitely Alex’s highlight of the week!"

That made my day!

Would you like to learn more about my Family Photo Sessions?

Get in touch, I’d love to make beautiful memories for your family too.

Have a lovely day,


Camila Lee is an Award Winning Family Photographer serving Dublin, Meath, Louth, Kildare and Wicklow

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