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5 Reasons to Have a Family Photography Session at Home

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Family photoshoot at home in Dublin by Camila Lee

I believe the best place to have your family photo session is the place that tells more about your story.

I always give my clients the option of a photo session in their home or at a location they love and often go to together as a family. It could be a park, a beach or any special place in Dublin and Ireland.

If you are pregnant, have a newborn baby or little kids and considering a family photoshoot, I want to help you decide what is the best option for you.

Let me tell you a little bit about the pros of having a session at home:

1. It's comfortable for everybody: Well, it's where you live, all you need to do is to spruce up your home, get ready and get the kids ready.

Your children are more likely to be themselves and feel comfortable in the photos in their own environment. During my sessions I like to ask the kids to show me their favourite toys, books, bedroom and this way we break the ice and I am able to capture lovely natural moments.

2. We make memories of the family home: The photos we are taking today will be more precious as time goes by. Your kids room decor will probably change as they grow, you could decide to move to a new house or just move things around or have renovations, and documenting your home and your routine today is going to keep the memories of this time of your lives forever. Details like that chair where you sit together to read a book for your kids, their bed and all the memories of all the play time attached to it, the kitchen where you like to cook and spend time together, they are all perfect to make amazing documentary type of photography that will tell your family history and bring joy to future generations.

3. We don't have to worry about the weather: Yes, this is a BIG pro! We live in Ireland, it could be sunny one minute and lashing the next, it could snow or be very windy, we just never know. When you plan a photography session at home, you don't even need to check the weather forecast.

4. Nobody is watching: There won't be strangers looking at you getting your photos taken and that makes it easier for you to just be yourself. You can be silly, your can jump on the bed, dance with your kids. You can have some serious family fun time! Honestly, these are the moments that make the best photos!

5. You don't have to go anywhere: That's another great reason, right? Not having to worry about packing the kids' bag, extra clothes, snacks, toys, wipes, forget about all that! If you have a newborn baby, a home photo session is the absolute best option! No need to drive, sit in traffic, find parking or worry about being late.

Some things that you might be thinking...

*My house is too dark... Don't you worry about that at all. If you have a window, we will be fine. It's my job to find the best light in your home! I do love natural light but I will also be prepared to add some extra light if I really need to.

*I don't have an "Instagramable" house... Your house perfect the way it is. The main purpose of documentary family photos at home is to make the memories of this amazing place you call home. One day you might be living in a different home and you will have the photos to remind you of that moment in your life.

*It's hard to keep the house tidy... I know, I can definitely relate. But actually, that's not a problem at all, I will always move things out of my frame if I find them distracting, so your house doesn't have to be absolutely spotless! Besides, a little bit of a mess gives the home so much personality!

*But I do love the park we go to every weekend... That is totally fine, maybe an outdoor photo session will be the best option for you. The most important thing is to tell the story of your family, and wherever you decide to go to, we can create beautiful memories!

Hope this post helps you decide on the best option for your family session but if you are not sure yet, here are 5 reasons to have an outdoor family photo session.

And hope you have a lovely day,


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