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Maternity Photography - Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Since I became pregnant, photographing maternity sessions has a totally new meaning for me. I truly understand my clients now.

Pregnancy is without a doubt, a time in my life I will never forget! And I might even miss my bump in the future! I know how tough it can be as well, my first trimester was a bit of a challenge (to put it into nice words) and throughout the whole way I've had great days and others not so great. I still have 8 weeks to go, my belly is getting bigger and heavier. It's becoming hard to find a comfortable position at night and have a good sleep but when I do find one, I need to get up and go to the toilet 😳 but I couldn't be happier preparing to meet my cute little baby!

Every pregnancy is different. Some women feel amazing, pretty and glowing while others suffer a little bit more with all the hormonal changes and the many transformations in their bodies. In both cases, what really matters is that the most magical thing is happening, the miracle of life, a tiny human being is growing inside you! Nature is so perfect!

You are starting to write your child's story and having beautiful photos of this moment will be a precious gift for them (that you will be very proud to show their friends, girlfriends or boyfriends in the future)! No matter if you choose to have an outdoor or an in home photoshoot, make sure you do have this moment captured.

We were very lucky with this session. Firstly because we had to reschedule it (due to Dublin moody weather) and this was their last day in Dublin before they moved to the country side. Secondly because the day turned out to be gorgeous, sun was out and it was nice and warm!

We had a really nice morning at the Botanic Gardens, full of hugs, kisses and smiles as usual! Big brother was super happy running around and daddy was chasing him. I love seeing a happy family with all their excitement expecting their new arrival! I wish them all the very best!

This mum is a few weeks ahead of me, so she will probably meet her little bundle of joy before I meet mine! And one day our little ones might even meet each other and be friends, who knows?

If you are looking for a maternity photographer in Ireland, I would love to chat!

Have a lovely day,

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Chiranjib Das
Chiranjib Das
Jan 30, 2020

Hi Camila, how are you doing? We are a pregnant couple and want to shoot few moments of us. Can you please send some details about your work please?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



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