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Family Photography Session at Home - Dublin

Updated: May 29

"Home is where the heart is"

And also everything else that belongs to us.

Our home is our own environment, where we can be ourselves and feel nice and warm when it's cold.

During my life I've moved homes quite a few times, some of my old homes I can still come back and visit, but others I will never be able to visit again.

I remember the apartment where I grew up, I have some images in my mind, and I remember the way everything looked so big from my point of view.. the time when I wasn't able to reach the door lock.. the time I needed a stool to be able to reach the kitchen press and get myself a sneaky snack.. I remember being under the dinner table..

I think I was about 10 years of age when we moved from there, and now every time I pass in front of the building, I remember the furniture, the wooden floor, even my favourite TV show on our old telly.. But that place doesn't exist anymore.

I wish I had photos of my old home as the images in my mind are not very clear.

This is one of the reasons why I love photographing families at their home, to make these memories for the kids, I am sure they will love to look back at them in the future.

This particular one is the story of some fun time after school with a chocolate cake party.

I like to let the kids free to do what they want and that gives me some really cute candid moments to photograph.

I love Kate enjoying the chocolate from the floor and Rory on the table.

Also love the family dance in the kitchen, the kids playing outside, Rory and his best friend Benji, Kate not so happy lying on the floor while Rory was playing with her doll house, so many moments.

If you would like to see more of my work, you can see more of my family photos and learn more about how my sessions work.

And if you know someone who might like to see this, please share the link with them.

Have a lovely day,

Camila Lee

Little boy playing with sister's doll house - Family photography session at home in Dublin by Camila Lee

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