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Maternity Session at Home - Our Life Before You

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I love when my clients choose to have their maternity session at home đŸ€°

I always imagine their kids looking at the photos in years from now (I mean a lot of years from now, 20, 30..) and I wonder how much they will love to have those images of a time that they weren't even around yet..

Your home may look very different in the next few years, you may change the furniture, get the walls painted, the bathroom renovated..

I like to give them the memories of how their home used to look like and how life used to be before them 😍

And more importantly I want them to see how much they were already loved and how excited and radiant mom and dad were just by looking at their bump 😍

If you are pregnant, I would love to make these memories for your baby â˜ș

And if you would like to see more maternity sessions at home, check out this one!

Learn more about how my sessions work here 😃



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